I write songs and sing them on recordings and sometimes in public. You can find them all at or by looking for “Pale Bird” wherever you listen to music.

In December 2021, I released The World Outside My Window, a song going through a million variations on the Neutrinowatch feed:

In December 2020, I released this video for a song called Many Moons

from an EP called Unwavering Sentinels of Dreaming:

In July 2020, I released I Told You How Important You Would Be, a mini album created in (remote) collaboration with San Fransiscan songwriter Lily Sloane:

In January 2020, I released Apple Tree, written for The Family Tree podcast, based on the Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal, written in 3400BC in northern Syria.

In 2019 I released 40 songs written in 2018 while I travelled around the world. It’s called Year of The Bird:

Ten Things Which Aren’t Love was released in late 2017:

I sometimes make videos of my music, like this one for “10,000 Letters of Love”:

This is the album it was taken from, 2012’s The City of Gold and Lead:

This is my 2011 collection of songs about science:

I also produce other people’s music sometimes –  including Spirit of Play’s 2017 Apocalypse EP:

as well as their previous EP, Take Shelter:

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