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Hi. My name is Martin Zaltz Austwick. I’m an academic, musician, podcaster and occasional visual artist.

In my academic life, I am a Senior Lecturer (roughly equivalent to Associate Professor) at CASA, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the Bartlett in University College London (UCL). My research has covered digital humanities, cycling, freight transport, the sharing economy, REF Impact, and communities of practice – I’ve been able to work in such diverse areas because of my brilliant collaborators. I teach data visualisation and am Course Director on our Spatial Data Science and Visualisation masters programmes. I’m active in public engagement, and am regularly to be found giving public talks, chairing Cafe Scientifique events, or running podcasts aimed at sharing ideas from science and academia.

In my spare time, I’m one third of Answer Me This!, one of the UK’s most successful independent podcasts, which won a Sony Silver in 2010 and a Sony Gold in 2011. I also co-created Song by Song, Brain Train, and Global Lab, and created The Sound of the Ladies podcast. I’ve created music for the aforementioned shows, as well as for The Allusionist, The Beef and Dairy Network, the Glamour UK podcast, Why are Computers, and Sound Women. I make music as Martin Austwick, Dr Martin Austwick, The Magnificent Severn and The Sound of the Ladies. I’ve played music live at some of these events, and spoken at Boring Conference, Geek Showoff, SciBar, Pint of Science, and a bunch of other places.

Click on the links above to find out more.


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