Hi. My name is Martin Zaltz Austwick. I’m a musician, podcaster, performer, Honorary Senior Lecturer at CASA (UCL); I’ve written, produced, composed and performed for award-winning podcasts including Answer Me This!, The Allusionist, ZigZag, 99% Invisible (live), Song by Song and 20,000Hz. I write music as Pale Bird.

You can contact me on twitter @martinaustwick or email DrAustwick at gmail dot com.

What I’ve been up to lately:

  • Maddie’s Sound Explorers (August 2020) – a science podcast for 7-10 year olds, featuring a song built from the sounds of science and nature every episode. I developed the 15-episode series with host Maddie Moate and exec. producer Matt Hill. I booked and interviewed guests, scripted episodes with Maddie, and edited, produced, mixed and mastered the show, writing and a recording a new piece of music for each episode, based around the sounds and ideas we discover along the way.
  • Wrote scores for episodes of The Tranquillusionist, episodes of the show designed to be particularly soothing and calming (March-August 2020)
  • Judge and mentor on the 2019 Pulse Awards – a £50,000 fund led by the Wellcome Trust and the British Podcast Awards. Eleven podcasts were funded, and I supported two makers – Dave Pickering for Down to A Sunless Sea: Memories of My Dad  and Sarah Golding’s “Anyone F’Coffee”, a mixed fiction/nonfiction narrative podcast exploring women’s health (January-May 2020).

Quick links to:

I’m a podcaster – I’m one third of Answer Me This!, one of the UK’s most successful independent podcasts (Sony/Aria Silver, 2010 and a Sony/Aria Gold 2011). I also co-created Song by Song (British Podcast Gold Award: Review, 2017), Brain Train, Global Lab, and The Year of The Bird podcasts, and I’ve written for 20,000Hz.

I’ve written and performed music for the above podcasts, and for Zig ZagThe Allusionist, The Beef and Dairy Network, Mortified, the Glamour UK podcast, and many, many others. I’ve written music and performed live with The Allusionist, Radio Diaries, 99% Invisible, The Bugle, Radiotopia Live, and the 3rd Coast International Audio Festival awards ceremony.

I’ve spoken at Audiocraft, Hearsay, Vancouver Podcast Festival, Boring Conference, Geek Showoff, SciBar, Pint of Science and TEDx LSE, in additional to a range of academic conferences from the AAG to SPIE – about everything from Music for Podcasting, to Eggs, to Cycling, to GPS Data, to Medical Laser Physics.

I founded the Podcast Maker Weekend (as part of the London Podcast Festival) in 2017 to create high-quality, affordable sessions for UK podcasters, and currently act as a curator/director. In 2020 I organised a series of livestreams with international audio makers under the auspices of the Maker events.

In my academic life, I was a Senior Lecturer at CASA, at UCL’s Bartlett Faculty (2011-2017). I have a Physics degree and a PhD in Quantum Computing.  My recent research covered data visualisation, urban systems, and digital humanities. I have created modules and taught data visualisation, coding, podcasting, and physics, and was Course Director on a Spatial Data Science and Visualisation masters (2013-2017).

I was in public engagement through talks, videos, visualisations, events and podcasts. I won a UCL award for Public Engagement in 2016 and an ESPRC-funded Public Engagement Fellowship in 2015.

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