Hi. My name is Martin Zaltz Austwick. I’m a musician, podcaster, performer, and an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Data Visualisation at University College London. I have a DPhil in carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and quantum computing from Oxford University, and I’m a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; I work on podcasts which have won British Radio Academy and British Podcast Awards. I took the above photo which is why it looks like the start of an REM video.

I make music as Pale Bird, Martin Austwick, Dr Martin Austwick, and The Sound of the Ladies.  I’m also a podcaster – I’m one third of Answer Me This!, one of the UK’s most successful independent podcasts (which won a Sony Silver in 2010 and a Sony Gold in 2011). I also co-created Song by Song (which won the British Podcast Award for Review shows in 2017), Brain Train, Global Lab, and The Sound of the Ladies podcast. I’ve written and performed music for the above shows, and for Zig ZagThe Allusionist, The Beef and Dairy Network, Mortified, the Glamour UK podcast, and many others. I’ve spoken at Boring Conference, Geek Showoff, SciBar, Pint of Science, and a bunch of other places on a variety of topics from Eggs to GPS data to Photosensitizer drugs.

I tweet @martinaustwick.

In my academic life, I was a Senior Lecturer at CASA, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the Bartlett in University College London (UCL) until September 2017. I have a  first class physics undergraduate degree, a doctorate in Quantum Computing, carbon nanotubes, and nitrogen-trapping fullerenes, and a postgraduate certificate in teaching for higher and professional education.  My research covered digital humanities, cycling, freight transport, the sharing economy, REF Impact, and communities of practice. I teach, and have trained on, data visualisation, and was Course Director on a Spatial Data Science and Visualisation masters programmes from 2013-2017, and wrote, ran, and taught on masters and undergraduate modules. I’ve been active in public engagement, and have given numerous public talks, chaired Cafe Scientifique events, and run podcasts aimed at sharing ideas from science and academia, and won a UCL award for Institutional Leadership in Public Engagement in 2016 for my work enabling and supporting staff and student in my department an ESPRC-funded Public Engagement Fellowship.

My academic twitter is @sociablephysics.

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