Recent work:

  • Maddie’s Sound Explorers (August 2020) – a science podcast for 7-10 year olds, featuring a song built from the sounds of science and nature every episode. I developed the 15-episode series with host Maddie Moate based on an original idea by exec producer Matt Hill. I booked and interviewed guests, scripted episodes with Maddie, and edited, produced, mixed and mastered the show, writing and a recording a new piece of music based around the sounds and ideas in each episode.
  • Judge and mentor on the 2019 Pulse Awards – a £50,000 fund led by the Wellcome Trust and the British Podcast Awards. Eleven podcasts were funded, and I supported two makers – Dave Pickering for Down to A Sunless Sea: Memories of My Dad – a series combining memoir, biography, and interviews with scientists and activists to address issues around ageing, dementia, assisted dying, and health; and Sarah Golding’s “Anyone F’Coffee”, a mixed fiction/nonfiction narrative podcast exploring women’s health.
  • Wrote/interviewed/created music for the 20,000Hz episode about John Cage’s 4’33” (January 2020). This episode was later adapted by Dallas Taylor for live performance at On Air 2020, and into a Main Stage TED Talk.
  • Guested on the 90 Minutes or Less Film Festival podcast live screening discussing Safety Not Guaranteed with Colin Trevorrow, the film’s director (September 2019).
  • Co-host and produce Song by Song (September 2015-)
  • Performer on Answer Me This (January 2007-)

I’m a podcast maker from end to end – I create shows, research, interview, host, record, edit, mix, master, and score (see Podcast Music below). I have particular experience in hosting, producing/mastering, and creating music for podcasts, but I’ve taken on numerous other aspects of the editorial, production and technical process.

For example, I make music for The Allusionist, and have also provided editorial input for a number of episodes and the touring shows. In 2018, I re-edited over 100 episodes to be suitable for ad injection, and remastered them at a loudness standard (-16LUFS, -2dBTP) specified by the hosts, PRX. I worked with their technical team to create an automated solution for gapless mp3s to reduce the intrusiveness of injected ads – a solution which the show currently uses. I’ve also researched stories and guests for the show.

I produce and co-host Song by Song (2015-, co-founded with Sam Pay), Winner of a 2017 British Podcast Award, which discusses every Tom Waits song in chronological order. Our guests have included Jon Ronson, Phoebe Judge, Jon Hodgman, Jeffrey Cranor, Simon Stephens and David Shrubsole.

I’m music director, live engineer, and comedy sidekick/science nerd on question-answering podcast Answer me This!:

Just so you know, it has rude words and racy content. We’ve been running since 2007 and have won two UK Sony/Aria Awards.

I created, and do everything for, Year of the Bird (2019, formerly The Sound of The Ladies 2007-2017) podcast, which featured a song I’ve recorded (and usually, written) every episode. For this I composed, hosted and produced.

I co-created, produced and alternatively hosted Brain Train (2012-2016, co-founded with Alice Bell), and co-created and exec produced Global Lab (2011-2017, co-founded with Steven Gray), a show themed around complexity, technology, and cities. I planned, scripted, hosted, and co-ordinated most episodes of the show, as well as carrying out interviews with academics and scientists. I was engineer and composer on the Bright Club Podcast (2010-2011). This span out from the Bright Club live events, and featured a comedian interviewing academics about their areas of expertise – science communication, but also humanities and the arts.

I’ve also guested on The 90 Minutes or Less Film Festival (with Colin Trevorrow), The Wire Stripped, Scientists Not the Science, Twenty Thousand HertzFlixwatcher, Getting Better Acquainted, Bright ClubThe Bugle [briefly], and Jordan, Jesse Go! [VERY briefly].

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