Podcast Music

I have been composing and recording music and song for podcasts since 2007, here is a sample:

You can listen to some samples of my podcast music organised into Themes, Bed Tracks, Full Songs and Live Scores – or it’s all together in the above soundcloud playlist. Or visit my podchaser profile.

Most recently:

  • Created the theme for The Last Soviet (Samizdat / Kaleidoscope / iHeart) [Feb 2023]
  • Producer/composer on Rigged, a new series by Amy Westervelt / Critical Frequency about the history of PR [Oct-Dec 2021].
  • Composed music for the Shedunnit limited series, Queens Of Crime At War [Oct-Nov 2021]
  • Wrote the music and performed with the Allusionist live at the London Podcast Festival [September 2021].
  • Wrote the music for all 15 Episodes of Maddie’s Sound Explorers [season 1], a science podcast for young people. Each episode features a piece of music made from the sounds of science, engineering and nature we’ve discovered during the episode, and weaves in ideas that Maddie and our experts provided during the episode [August-November 2020].
  • Contributed music to the 20,000Hz episodes about Audio Deepfakes (September 2020) and John Cage’s 4’33” [January 2020], where the music was used in the subsequent mainstage TED talk – both of which I wrote and produced on.
  • Audiocraft Podcast Festival – created a mashup of (mostly Australian) podcast themes for their opening night event [July 2020].
  • I write theme music for the Zoom podcast (March 2019-June 2020 and onwards) – a movie podcast which focuses on a different genre each episode, so the theme song is different each time: spaghetti western, 50s scifi, zombie movie, classical, funk, Motown, Hot Club jazz…
  • Wrote scores for episodes of The Tranquillusionist, episodes of the show designed to be particularly soothing and calming (March 2020)
  • Created an original soundtrack for The Holiday Season, a podcast about the Nancy Meyers film The Holiday, inspired by Hans Zimmer’s score (December 2019).
  • Wrote the song “Apple Tree” for the end of The Family Tree – a magic realist drama.
  • In June 2017 I composed and recorded the score for The Allusionist’s Eclipse, inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart:
  • and in May 2016 created the score for Continental using items in a Moab Bed and Breakfast:

You can hear instrumental versions of my music on recent episodes of The Allusionist – as well as the theme tune I created.

Live Podcast Music and Performance

  • The Allusionist Live (US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, 2017-2019) ; composer, musician, performer, tour manager and writer on show.
  • Radio Diaries – Dropped Wrench with Joe Richman (Hearsay Audio Festival, 2019; NYC and Washington DC, 2019); composer and musician.
  • The Bugle (US, 2018); arranger and musician.
  • Radiotopia Live (US, 2018); musician in house band.
  • Third Coast International Audio Awards (Chicago, USA, 2017); composer, MD and musician.
  • 99% Allusional (with 99% Invisible and The Allusionist, USA, 2017); composer and musician.

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