Songwriting and recording

I write songs and sing them on recordings and in public (if only there were a hypenate for that!). It’s all at, or wherever you listen to music.

In December 2020, I released this video for a song called Many Moons

from an EP called Unwavering Sentinels of Dreaming:

In July 2020, I released I Told You How Important You Would Be, a mini album created in (remote) collaboration with San Fransiscan songwriter Lily Sloane:

In January 2020, I released Apple Tree, written for The Family Tree podcast, based on the Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal, written in 3400BC in northern Syria.

In 2019 I released 40 songs written in 2018 while I travelled around the world. It’s called Year of The Bird:

Ten Things Which Aren’t Love was released in late 2017:

I sometimes make videos of my music, like this one for “10,000 Letters of Love”:

This is the album it was taken from, 2012’s The City of Gold and Lead:

This is my 2011 collection of songs about science:

I also produce other people’s music sometimes –  including Spirit of Play’s 2017 Apocalypse EP:

as well as their previous EP, Take Shelter:

3 responses to “Songwriting and recording”

  1. Hi Martin,
    I heard your beautiful piano piece playing underneath the closing credits of The Allusionist podcast, “Namaste”. It really moved me. Is the music available as a completed piece? I’d love to have it!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Bonnie – it’s an instrumental version of “Books Before Bros” from “Kill it With Fire” – half folk from me, half shouty punk from my collaborator Marc:

      1. Thanks for that super speedy response, Martin! Have a beautiful week. ~ Bonnie

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