One of The Week’s Podcasts of the Week, 2021-05-28

Song by Song is “unashamedly pitched” at Tom Waits superfans. Musicians Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay analyse every song in Waits’s vast discography, with help from “less-obsessed guests”.

Miranda Sawyer on Podcasts and Radio, The Observer (London), 2021-04-03

Maddie’s Sound Explorers
“…the questions are mostly rooted in everyday life, which helps with little kids, though there is ambition here too – I enjoyed the aural recreation of the big bang. Nice use of music and interviews, as well as the sounds of the title, make this a gorgeous listen.”

Miranda Sawyer on Podcasts and Radio, The Observer (London), Sunday December 27th 2020

“…Zaltzman drafted in songwriter and podcaster Jenny Owen Youngs, who has written for Panic! at the Disco and Pitbull (quite a range there), and together they came up with a new, more appropriately 2020, Christmas song. “You have to find a balance between the relatable idea and finding something that’s uniquely you,” said Owen Youngs. Zaltzman offered “the Christmas meat sweats”, which really did make me laugh. Her husband, Martin Austwick, also joined in, and the resulting show – and festive song – was lovely to hear. I even felt quite merry afterwards. Who would have thought? Fa la la la laaaaa to one and all.”

Coverage for The Tranquillusionist include the Financial Times, Observer, Niemann Lab and Another Man Mag, who said “…host Helen Zaltzman reads all of her listener’s favourite words, beautifully and simply scored by Martin Austwick. You might feel a little silly when you first start, but mid-way through the episode takes on a remarkably melodic, meditative quality. It’s surprisingly restorative.”

“They Left Public Radio to Try Their Fortunes on The Blockchain”, New York Times, 2018-09-16

“Ms. Zomorodi got serious about explaining blockchain in the second episode of “ZigZag,” and she did it with the help of a “Schoolhouse Rock”-style jingle sung by the musician and podcaster Martin Zaltz Austwick.

…Between the host’s quick descriptions of the technology’s three basic principles, Mr. Austwick strummed a guitar and sang:

“Bitcoin is blockchain’s baby
Transactions, trading, taking care of business on the blockchain
All my friends are computers and we’re working together on the blockchain”

While the ditty made the digital ledger sound almost cute, Civil, with its reliance on cryptocurrency, is not without risks…”

“Polymath podcaster Martin Zaltz Austwick thrives on DIY ethic at Vancouver Podcast Festival”, Mike Usinger, The Georgia Straight, 2019-11-06
“…Austwick makes music under a number of banners—Pale Bird, Martin Austwick, Dr Martin Austwick, and The Sound of the Ladies—his output suggesting that he’s as fascinated with lo-fi folk and low-key postrock as he is with ambient noise and glitched-out electronica. But it’s arguably his podcasting—bringing him to the West Coast for the second Vancouver Podcast Festival—that he’s best known for…

Over the past decade or so, Austwick has had a hand in creating and/or hosting podcasts focused on everything from technology (Global Lab) to education (Brain Train) to horizon-expanding comedy (Answer Me This!). His Vancouver Podcast Fest appearance will see him teamed up with Helen Zaltzman for an episode of the series The Allusionist, which explores language and the way that humans use it….”

“Embrace it: There are too many podcasts out there, and that’s good for everyone”, CNET review of Podcast Maker Weekend 2019, Sarah McDermott, 2019-09-20

“Coinciding with the second weekend of the event, the Podcast Makers’ Festival is a series of panels and workshops for would-be podcasters. They include guides to writing audio fiction, creating soundscapes for imaginary worlds, monetizing a new podcast and getting your voice heard.

…It’s hard to spend a few days surrounded by podcasters and fans without feeling the weight of all that work. But it’s also inspirational. It reminds me of the many things I’ve started to write and abandoned. If all these people can find the energy and courage to create something and send it out into the world, maybe I can too.”

Review of The Allusionist 2019 Live Touring Show, “No Title”, Bello Collective 100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2019, 2019-12-03

“What I really wanted to write about is something you can’t listen to on your podcast player. But I need to give some immense buckets of love to the best podcast live show I saw in 2019, The Allusionist’s “No Title.” In a world where a live show usually means “doing the podcast exactly how we do it in the studio, but with an audience,” The Allusionist made a true piece of stage-craft in the tradition of what you usually here in your podcatcher. It’s smart, funny, and extremely Helen-Zaltzmanian, with an extra shoutout to Martin Austwick for the accompaniment and dry commentary that makes the show really feel live. Follow The Allusionist on Twitter to catch the end of this amazing tour, but if there isn’t a live show near you, you can still subscribe to the podcast.”

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