I’m a Senior Lecturer in Spatial Data Science and Visualisation in the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. Here are some useful links for finding out more:

Here I am in 2015 talking about data visualisation (with thanks to Kevin Biderman, full details in the vimeo page):

and here I am talking about cities and data for a UCL lunch hour lecture in December 2012:

Here is a talk I did on eggs at the Boring Conference in May 2014. I’m not an egg physicist, I just like egg cookery:

Prior to working in this field, I have been a medical laser physicist and worked in the field of Quantum Computing. I think interdisciplinary work is inevitable whenever we start to to think about interesting problems that we might want to work on:

(that’s me at TEDx LSE in March 2013).

If you’d like to hear about some of my medical physics work, here’s a brief summary:

Nowadays, I work on data visualisation, and have done work on bike share schemes, especially the one in London. Here is a visualisation of several months of data, mapped onto one day:

Here’s another showing the GPS track and photos from a walk Steph Hugel and I did in May 2012, based partly on the narrative of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell:



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