This is embarassing. But if you want a bio for an event I’m speaking at, singing at, dancing at or otherwise frequenting, there’s some useful text here, and some lovely photos below:

Music/Podcasting Short Bio

Martin Zaltz Austwick is an audiomaker, musician, producer, and performer. He co-created Neutrinowatch in 2021, and was part of the Aria-winning Answer Me This and British Podcast Award-winning Maddie’s Sound Explorers and Song by Song teams, as well as winning an Audio Production award for sound design in 2021. He’s worked with prestigious podcasts including 99% Invisible, 20,000Hz, Radio Diaries, The Allusionist, and Zig Zag. He’s the founder and lead curator of the Podcast Maker Weekend as part of the London Podcast Festival, and has delivered podcast talks at Hearsay, Radio Techcon, the Vancouver Podcast Festival, Audiocraft and for BIMM and HEFCW. He has released ten albums as Pale Bird.


99pa just me.jpg

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