This is embarassing. But if you want a bio for an event I’m speaking at, singing at, dancing at or otherwise frequenting, there’s some useful text here, and some lovely photos below:


Martin Zaltz Austwick has composed for and produced podcasts since 2007, and has created music for many many shows including ZigZag, The Allusionist, Answer Me This, Mortified, and The Beef And Dairy Network, and created and performed live scores for The Allusionist, 99% Invisible, The Bugle, Radio Diaries, and the 3rd Coast International Audio Awards. He makes themes, full scores, bed tracks, songs, and whatever else you’d like. Once, he created a theme song for a podcast that only existed in the fictional world of an audio drama – that was very meta. Most recently, he’s created themes in several different styles (funk, harpsichord, spaghetti western, zombies, string quartet) for Focus Features’ Zoom podcast, and wrote and scored an episode about John Cage’s 4’33’’ for the 20,000Hz podcast. In 2019 he released 40 songs as Pale Bird, he has a doctorate in Quantum Physics, and he co-hosts Song by Song, a podcast about every Tom Waits song. He’s always up for creative and fun projects.

Music/Podcasting Short Bio

Martin Zaltz Austwick has been a podcast host, producer, creator, composer, and live performer since 2007, and is part of the Aria-winning Answer Me This and British Podcast Award-wining Song by Song. He’s worked with prestigious podcasts including 99% Invisible, 20,000Hz, Radio Diaries, The Allusionist, and Zig Zag. He’s the founder and lead curator of the Podcast Maker Weekend as part of the London Podcast Festival and the Podcast Maker Streams, and has delivered podcast talks at Hearsay, the Vancouver Podcast Festival, Audiocraft and for BIMM and HEFCW.

<150 words (podcasting and audio):

Martin Zaltz Austwick is an award-winning podcaster (Radio Academy/Sony/Aria Gold for Answer Me This! in 2011; British Podcast Award 2017 for Song by Song). He’s co-created, presented and produced podcasts since 2007 including Answer Me This!, Song by Song, Brain Train, Global Lab and The Sound of The Ladies, and created music for the above and The Allusionist, ZigZag, Zoom and many more. Martin is the founder and lead curator of the Podcast Maker Weekend (2017-) as part of the London Podcast Festival.  He’s recorded nine albums and several EPs of original songs as Pale Bird, and (Dr) Martin Austwick.

<100 words (academic/training):

Martin Zaltz Austwick is a specialist in podcasting, audio, data visualisation, mapping, and public engagement, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Spatial Data Science and Visualisation at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL.


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